The GoNorth Animal Transport Collaborative moves dogs and puppies from overcrowded east Tennessee animal shelters to under-capacity northern shelters.

Most shelters in east Tennessee are perpetually overcrowded due to random breeding by the large number of unaltered pets. Pet overpopulation is generally not a problem in northern states, where spaying and neutering of pets is a routine part of responsible pet ownership.

Affordable, easily-accessible spay/neuter programs are the solution to ending animal overpopulation. However, it will take “time on task” to dramatically reduce the birth rate. In the meantime, northern transport saves the lives of shelter animals in oversupply.

GoNorth has outstanding partner shelters in Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio. These shelters have large veterinary clinics, obedience training classes, behavior modification specialists, and multiple adoption sites. The animals get fantastic care and typically find homes within a week or two.

Transporting southern shelter animals to northern shelters is a lifesaving bridge to the day that pet supply and adoption demand are in balance.

GoNorth Annual Report 2016

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    • Stuart, I am SO sorry for this delayed response. I don’t regularly monitor the site and I thought it was set up to email me when we got a message. I guess not! Again, very, very sorry. The mailing address is GoNorth Animal Transport Collaborative, c/o Peaceful Kingdom, PO Box 9394, Knoxville, TN 37940. Happy Thanksgiving!

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